SWISS-ISRAELI DAY: Investments, innovation, and Universities R&D Collaborations

LTCC and Swiss Israeli Association to Host an Innovative Day of Mutual Collaboration 


March 12, 2023The Lifestyle Tech Competence Center – part of Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino -, in collaboration with the Swiss Israeli Association, Greater Zurich Area, Meitar, and Loomish organized a closed-door event – with more than 50 participants – dedicated to fostering international collaborations and scouting for disruptive technologies between Switzerland and Israel. 

The purpose of this initiative is to create a preferential collaboration bridge between the two counties to support Israeli companies in investing in Europe through Switzerland and to support Swiss companies to enter and invest in the Israeli market. 

After a warm welcome by the three organizers Tiziano Galeazzi, Municipal Councillor in Lugano, Carlo Terreni President at the LTCC, and Piero Gasparini, vice President of the Swiss Israeli association, Sim Koevary Partner at Meitar and Davide Guzzetti Associate Director at Loomish, explained to the audience the power of the collaboration for investments and innovation. They are the complementarity of the two countries. On one hand Switzerland, with a strong Lifestyletech ecosystem, talent access, regulatory framework, and innovation financing. On the other hand, the Israeli dynamism, entrepreneurial mindset, tech innovation excellence, and capital. 

Francesca Toninato, Global CEO at 7 For All Mankind, illustrated the acquisition of the brand from Delta Galil Group, and the impressive growth of the company in the last years. Succeeding this parenthesis on fashion, Adrian Weiss, President of the Swiss Israeli Association, Stefano Cordero di Montezemolo, Principal at SCdM Academy, and Tancredi Cordero di Montezemolo, CEO at Kuros Associates took the stage with an insightful panel discussion on venture partners and investments in Israel.   

Present collaborations between the two countries 

After a networking break, moderator Eleonora De Canio introduced the event’s second half. Jelena Tasic Pizzolato, Managing Director at LTCC, and Oded Chai, Director of Industry Relations and Strategic Planning at Shenkar University in Ramat Gan, Israel, gave the attendees insights into the GUESS Gen Z Lab project: a place where marketing, sales and e-commerce managers from GUESS can test ideas and get qualitative feedback directly from Gen Z participants about future GUESS campaigns, product launches or initiatives.  

The last part of the panel was dedicated to investment and financing. Niv Karmi, CEO at Polustech, Ran Fridman, CRO at Global-e, Luca Zerbini, CEO at UnaTerra Fund, and Agostino Ferrazzini, Board member at Schweizer Gesellschaft der Freunde des Weizmann Instituts, gave insights into their experiences with Israeli tech-investments in Ticino.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you next spring to the second edition of the Swiss-Israeli Day! Do not hesitate to write us a message for more information.