Would you like to apply for membership? Legal persons engaged in the field of the creation of products and/or services related to the purpose of the Association may become members. To become a member of LTCC, a formal approval process needs to be followed.

Step 1

Presentation of a formal application to join as member.

Step 2

Acceptance of IP ad hoc documentation, if needed.

Step 3

If approved, Research, Platinum and Gold partners have 30 days to submit veto.

Step 4

Presentation of a formal application to join as member.

Step 5

The candidate receives final feedback within 4 months’ time at latest.

A world of benefits

Members of the LifeStyleTech Competence Center Association can benefit from the following services and facilities; 

  • Access to the labs
  • Participating in existing studies and research 
  • Creation of ad hoc research projects 
  • Activities of open innovation & open calls for scale-ups 
  • Set-up consulting 
  • Office space for set-up of large corporations with specific focus on large corporations and R&D units of large established corporations; not start-ups/scale-ups

Before contacting us for applications, we encourage you to read through the Articles of Association by clicking the button below. Thank you for your interest!

Read the articles of association