LTCC members sign multi-year contract

Manno, 10th March 2022.

Today, we announce the achievement of a major milestone of our Association: the signing of a three-year contract for the project “Heritage and Innovation” with Bally, Hyphen, and USI, supported by our infrastructure partners Microsoft and Moresi.

The agreement will see LTCC and Bally work together to digitize Bally’s impressive physical archive (more than 35.000 shoes) from past collections until now, including the iconic Bally’s boot that climbed Mount Everest in 1953. The digital archive will also constitute a permanent exhibition at Villa Heleneum in Lugano, bringing heritage & innovation to the general public.

This initiative strengthens Bally’s approach towards a digital-based operations model. By creating a digital archive (tagging and metadata included), Bally’s creative department can easily browse past design works and get inspired for future creations.

We are incredibly proud to have made Bally’s goal a reality, thanks to the continued efforts of our Association and the commitment of our partners.