Fashion meets Technology: creating investment opportunities in Ticino - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

Manno, 25 January 2022.

The Lifestyle Tech Competence Center (LTCC), in collaboration with its members, GUESS, Hyphen, Loomish and UBS hosted the wealth management – and family offices community of Ticino at the Fashion & Technology event at Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub.

LTCC has been dynamically attracting technology companies and industry investments through innovation projects ever since its foundation 18 months ago, actively contributing to the economic growth of the Canton Ticino.

The selection of speakers and topics at the event were a stimulating mix of fashion, technology and investment subject matters.

One of the strongest takeaways is that fashion companies are increasingly in need of technologically-skilled people that can help them on their digital transformation journey. GUESS is one of those companies which has invested millions to get the right platform. “We have the infrastructure ready, however now we need the talent to drive it”, said Dario Cardamone, Marketing Director EMEA GUESS Europe. “LTCC is a great partner that gives us access to the right network to find this specific digital talent.”

The pandemic created an accelerated the need for digital content, something that Hyphen Group experienced first-hand. This situation made the company grow rapidly and created the opportunity to invest even more. Stefano Righetti, CEO & Founder of Hyphen Group talked with enthusiasm about the company’s new Swiss office and digital content creation lab, based at Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation hub. “As a founding member of LTCC, we managed to get the access to the right network to help us drive digitalization,” added the CEO.

The potential being released by the union of fashion and technology reflects also on other sectors, especially the financial one. “Innovation and digitalization are increasingly becoming the focus point for UBS, which is also reflected in our recent investments in AI, tech platforms, and similar”, said Gabriele Amadò, Responsible for Corporate Clients UBS – Market Area Ticino 2. “We are very satisfied with the relevant economic impact LTCC is creating for our region.”

Ever since its launch, LTCC has seen a significant growth in the number of team members, partners, and overall network. “We are very pleased with our progress and are convinced this is only the beginning of an exciting innovation journey in Canton Ticino”, says Carlo Terreni, President LTCC & Founder Loomish. “Furthermore, we are very enthusiastic about our upcoming events and initiatives, aimed at promoting our region abroad”, concludes the Association’s president.