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The City of Lugano becomes member of the Association - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

The City of Lugano becomes member of the Association - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center


Lugano, 5th September 2022

The Lifestyle Tech Competence Center (LTCC) Association, part of Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino, is pleased to announce the membership of the City of Lugano among its esteemed Associates. During the press conference, the association’s and its members upcoming investment plans and research and development activities in the region, in collaboration with the local universities USI and SUPSI universities, were presented.

Carlo Terreni, President of Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center and partner of Loomish SA, comments: “The City of Lugano becoming member of LTCC, is a moment of pride for us, a clear recognition of the work of our Association to date and a incentive to continue with energy and enthusiasm in positioning Lugano as a European hub of innovation in the Lifestyle sector “.

The Mayor of Lugano, Michele Foletti, mentions that the active support of the City for the development of the Lifestyle Tech sector is not recent. “For several years, Lugano has been close to the activities promoted by Carlo Terreni and his team, who have been able to identify the great potential for our territory. A territory – added the Mayor – with characteristics that are particularly interesting for the lifestyle sector, since it combines the general advantages that Switzerland offers to those who do business with a framework that favors innovation and with the geographical and cultural proximity to Lombardy. We had seen it right – concluded Michele Foletti – the sector today is dynamic and a growing number of companies choose Lugano and our region for their activities, thus creating jobs. ”

Filippo Lombardi, Municipal Authority and future member of the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center board, comments: “Already in the 2018-2028 Development Guidelines of the City – updated last year for the new legislature – in 2022, there was an indication to vote in favor to define the concrete support of Lugano for an international reference center in the lifestyle-tech sector. We are finalizing the agreements for the location of the Competence Center and we plan to submit the proposal to the City Council in the coming weeks. Beyond the material support, Lugano adapts a scientific concept, to be implemented in collaboration with USI and SUPSI, to unite the efforts of the LTCC companies by focusing decisively on the creative innovation that must characterize the competence centers of Switzerland Innovation Park .”

State Councilor Christian Vitta, highlighted the remarkable growth of the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center and its important role in enhancing the skills present in Ticino. He also underlined that the Canton strongly supports this competence center, which provides a tangible contribution to the economic development of the territory, contributing, consequently, to the consolidation of Ticino’s position as an innovative, competitive and attractive region.