What We Do

What we do

The LifeStyle-Tech Competence Center represents an ecosystem of innovation which brings together leading companies and institutions to promote innovative activities within the Lifestyle-Tech area. We bring together brands/retailers and technology companies as well as start-ups/scale-ups and investors, to enable a unique meeting place which is dedicated to driving the next wave of innovation in Europe and beyond.

Our core activities

Research & Development
  • Ad-hoc University research projects with USI, SUPSI and other organizations.
  • Open innovation: start-up calls and workshops. Scouting potential solutions and new business models.
  • Access machines, tools and equipment of the Content Innovation Research Lab.
Easy Set-up Location
  • Over 1,000 sqm office space in Dagora Innovation Hub.
  • Co-working space ready to establish a company in Ticino “Plug and Play”.
  • Localisation services to establish companies and operations directly and with the support of partners.
Networking and Business Development
  • Facilitation of business matching though event seminars and workshops targeted.
  • Facilitation of networking in the common areas of the Innovation Center.
  • Possibility to participate to external events and meets up of the industry.
  • Foster collaboration among LifeStyleTech Member.
Cross Fertilization & Community Building
  • Facilitated meetings and working groups composed of cross-industry managers in areas such as food & fashion, design and travel, etc.
  • Stimulation of projects and knowledge-sharing among tech companies and investors of multiple industries.
  • Access to specialized talents, investors and tech giants resident in the Innovation hub.
  • Stimulation of projects and knowledge-sharing among tech companies and investors of multiple industries. 
Public Funding & Fiscal Benefits
  • Support application for Competence Center Research Development Public Funding.
  • Knowledge sharing on Swiss legal and fiscal framework.
  • Support in the registration process to a network of partners.
  • Facilitate the filling of patents (viz. fiscal patent box benefits in CH).
Investors Matching
  • Facilitation of networking among investors/entrepreneurs in the specific LifestyleTech segment.
  • For venture capitalist - and family offices - Access to start-up scouting initiatives.
  • For private equity - identification of innovation projects to scale and grow LifeStyle and Corporate Investment.
  • Access to start-up scouting initiatives.

We bring innovation into different industries through technology: eCommerce, 3D, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Other ICT & more