Ticino Lifestyle

The Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center wants to promote synergy between the relevant partners and the creation of a Center dedicated to the Lifestyle Industry, helping the organic growth of the community at a Swiss and international level. In particular, it searches to promote collaboration between companies and academic institutions, encouraging the transfer of technology and knowledge.

European Lifestyle hub in top location

Over the last 15 years, Ticino has become an European Lifestyle Hub thanks to the localisation of:

  • Fashion: over 80 international brands who have set up in the canton, including VF International, Guess Europe, Michael Kors, Philipp Plein, Bally, LaMartina, 7forAllMankind and Boggi.
  • Travel: Lastminute.com, HappyHollidayHome, Franco Rosso Viaggi.
  • Media: RSI, Gruppo Cdt, LaRegione, Hearst Group, Griglio Group, etc.
  • Tech providers: Acer Europe , Whirlpool, etc.

Canton Ticino also offers:

  • Low-cost area in DACH region.
  • Customer budget seeking in CH.
  • ICT top-level recruiting opportunities.
  • Secure infrastructure.

An innovation ecosystem

Our work is focused on the innovation ecosystem: bringing together diverse players within the Lifestyle-Technology nexus, from brands and manufacturers on one hand – especially those who are looking for innovation as a differentiator and business asset, to technology companies, whose needs are the engagement with those brands and manufacturers, to understand needs and develop new solutions and models.

At the same time, we work to bring start-ups and scale-ups into the mix. These young and gifted companies bring with them the exciting new technologies which, while experimental today, will be the future of Lifestyle-Tech tomorrow. By introducing them to brands and investors, they can have the chance to demonstrate their viability and have ready access to financial entities.

Finally, University involvement – especially in our labs and research structures, offering all stakeholders the opportunity to develop ideas, new solutions and also giving the expertise needed for innovation to develop, as well as having access to top Switzerland minds. This is where innovation happens.

Universities and Research Institutes
Collaborate on research projects with fashion and tech players, gain access to Labs for studies as well as access to investors in case of spin-offs.
Technology providers
Join the center and set up in fiscal-friendly Ticino for innovation and R&D. Expand marketing and sales as well as getting access to open innovation, new talents, co-financing and scouting solutions.
Brands and manufacturers
Benefit from the access to an open innovation teams & Labs, start-up scouting, R&D funds (AI, Sustainability, Content Innovation).
Ideal synergies for Private Equity firms, Venture Capital businesses, holding companies and family offices looking for a competitive edge in Ticino.
Meet investors, brands and manufacturers, all within a supportive and innovative environment which seeks to promote business growth.

A Lifestyle-Tech Hub and Community

The LifeStyle-Tech Competence Center benefits from a large network of events, meet-ups, workshops, seminars and scale-up calls. Members gain priority access to:

  • Labs.
  • Participating in existing studies.
  • Creation of ad-hoc research projects.
  • Activities of open innovation & open calls for scale-ups.
  • Set-up consulting.
  • Office space for set-up with specific focus on R&D units of established corporations; not start-ups/scale-ups.

Join our mission

The LTCC exists to foster the relationship between Universities/R&D institutes and corporations, helping to transfer knowledge between private and public sectors and to evolve a digital patrimony for the wider society. It aims to stimulate open innovation with ad-hoc scale-up scouting and calls to innovation and then support the cross-fertilisation of solutions, ideas and methodologies among diverse industries. To empower these valuable aims, it seeks to promote a Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center, within the guidelines of Switzerland Innovation Park.