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Heritage & Innovation

Heritage & Innovation

Making a company’s archive fit for the future with science-based innovation!

Bally, a Swiss luxury brand with over 170 years of history, launched the Heritage & Innovation project to digitize its extensive archive of 35,000 shoes. Collaborating with LTCC over an extended period, the brand is digitizing its iconic fashion items in a specialized lab.


This strategic initiative reflects Bally's commitment to digitize the physical inventory in its historical archive in Schönenwerd, Switzerland. Beyond heritage preservation, it aims to strengthen the brand's operational framework with a robust digital-centric model.

  • 35000+ Shoes at the Bally archive
  • 8500+ Shoes digitised
  • 1000+ Bags digitised
  • 900+ Posters digitased


The innovation element is introduced by Hyphen-Group, Microsoft, and Moresi.com, which apply automatic tagging as well as item recognition, and provide cloud services. Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), academic partner of the project, adds the research component: a dedicated Ph.D. researcher analyses, how the digital archive can be leveraged to communicate the brand’s heritage through digital exhibitions. Two elements, one result: We are convinced that science-based innovation is the way to go!

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