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Gen Z Labs - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center
Gen Z Labs

Gen Z Labs

An innovative concept to co-create with the members of generation Z

Are you in or already out of fashion? Gen Z, young people born between 1996 and 2010 have a clear opinion on brands and companies. And this opinion matters: comprising around 32% of the world’s population, they have an estimated spending power of 44 billion dollars.


But how can you reach this generation of digital natives? This is where LTCC comes into play: in a strategic project – the Gen Z Lab – we connect companies with international students. Get inside the minds of these young consumers to understand what is appealing to them. Test ideas and receive qualitative feedback about campaigns, product launches, and initiatives.


Since its launch, the project has gained significant success among our members and partners:

  • 3+ Partners
  • 7+ Editions
  • 12+ Universities
  • 180+ Participants


The format is so adaptable, that allows us to collaborate with multiple companies, from different industries, and with diverse needs. The journey we offer includes a series of online and offline interactions as well as a full-day workshop. We provide a vast array of research tools such as online surveys, design thinking workshops, focus groups, mystery shopping, and e-commerce experiences. Our promise: you will gain valuable knowledge to create customer experiences and products that have value and meaning for young people!

Embark on a journey with us as we reflect on the success of four remarkable editions of the Gen Z Lab for GUESS. Each edition, marked by distinctive themes and global participants, has been a testament to our dedication and creativity in organizing impactful events.

DATE 5 - 2023

We have had the pleasure of organizing four amazing editions of the Gen Z Lab for GUESS. Each edition had its unique theme and participants coming diverse european universities such as: AMD Akademie Mode & DesignIFA Paris, IED Madrid, IED Barcelona, IED Milano, Kozminski Univeristy, Machester Fashion Institute, Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art, SUPSI, Università degli Studi di Padova and USI.

How can the Canton Ticino communicate better with the new generations? The students of the Canton Ticino Gen Z Lab delivered innovative answers to this question during an interactive workshop day at LTCC.

DATE 6 - 2023

Setting the stage for the workshop day, the first-year Master students in Public Management and Policy at USI and in Business Administration with a Major in Innovation Management at SUPSI were identified as ideal candidates to challenge the existing communication practices of public administration and propose novel strategies. The overarching goal was to explore new and effective ways for the Public Administration to engage with and support the vibrant Gen Z community.

In Milan and Caslano on December 2023, BALLY’s rich heritage met the fresh spirit of Master of Science in International Management (MSIM) students from Franklin University Switzerland.

DATE 12 - 2023

Structured as a personalized, step-by-step module, the program tasked students with crafting an ideal online customer journey for themselves and friends. Day one involved exploring BALLY’s Milan store, delving into the brand’s 170-year history and latest collections. Day two took them to BALLY’s factory in Caslano, Ticino, offering firsthand insights into the brand’s craftsmanship.

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