Microsoft & Moresi support students from Ticino - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

Microsoft & Moresi support students from Ticino in developing digital home office fashion

Microsoft Switzerland and the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) are working on strategies that improve the home office experience: fashion and technology are combined to develop filters, backgrounds, and a digital cloakroom for professional online meetings. The students of the USI Master in Digital Fashion Communication are involved in the project. It takes place as part of the LifeStyle-Tech Competence Center (LTCC) association.

The corona pandemic has shifted the working lives of many employees to the home office. All of this has become possible thanks to special platforms and software. In this context, Microsoft Teams has established itself as a leading platform.

For this reason, USI students deal with the challenges that clothing and appearance also have in this digital world of work. They would like to remedy this with filters: In particular, digital make-up, hairstyles, clothing, accessories, and jewelry with a special reference to the professional context are the focus. The aim is to make it easier for people to switch between private and work life.

Second-year students of the Master in Digital Fashion Communication take part in the project. During the spring semester of 2021, they will be involved in the development of ideas and solutions and have the opportunity to present their final projects to Microsoft & Moresi. The students are accompanied by Professor Lorenzo Cantoni, Director of the USI Master in Digital Fashion Communication and the USI Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication.

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