Articles of association


Legal persons engaged in the field of the creation of products and/or services related to the purpose of the Association may become members of the Association. By way of exception, the Committee may - if it deems it appropriate – also accept natural persons as members/shareholders. In duly justified cases, members may be accepted even if they do not fulfil the conditions set out in the previous paragraph. 

New members

The acceptance of new members is decided by the Committee on the basis of a written application for membership addressed to the President. The Committee's decision is final and irrevocable. In particular, the Committee may refuse acceptance without giving reasons.

Categories of member

The Association provides for the following categories of members:

(a) Depending on the time of joining the Association:
- Founding members: members who have participated in the establishment of the Association;
- Adhering members: members who have joined the Association since its establishment. 

  • Company founding members: Dagorà SA, Bally SA, Microsoft, Hyphen.
  • Academic founding members: USI and SUPSI.
  • Corporate members: members who joined the Association after its establishment;
  • Academic adherent members: members who joined the Association after its establishment.


(b) Depending on the amount of the contributions made to the Association [description of the amount of the contribution and related rights/performances, the details of which may be further defined in an internal regulation]:
- "Gold Member": [...]
- "Silver Member": [...]
- "Bronze Member": [...]


Type of Membership Annual Social Fee CHF  Investments for projects from year to year Participation to the Committee Right to vote Possibility of voting for the acceptance of new members
Corporate founding members / platinum members 15.000 to be defined Yes 5 votes each Yes
Academic founding members     2.000 to be defined Yes 5 votes each  Yes
Corporate Members


15.000 To be defined Yes 3 votes each Yes
Corporate members Gold 10.000 To be defined No 1 vote each No
Corporate members


5.000 To be defined No No No
Academic adherent members 5.000 To be defined No No No

The above categories of members are reserved for active members and can be combined (e.g. "Founding member - Gold Member"). The General Meeting is entitled to define annual fees and separate benefits according to the different categories of members. 



A pre-requisite for membership is the payment of the annual fee. It is established yearly by the General Meeting on the proposal of the Committee, taking into account the economic performance of the Association and the services provided to members. The constituent General Assembly shall determine both the membership fee for the current year and for the year immediately following. Members may not be required to make any contribution except for the fee determined by the General Assembly. Exceptions to this are the fees required for any special services or use of infrastructure that go beyond the normal services provided by the Association to members.



Members are required to avoid activities that may be contrary to the purpose of the Association. In addition, in order to facilitate the pursuit of the purpose of the Association, members are required to:

  • Participate in the activities of the Association in a spirit of collaboration, promoting the exchange of opinions and knowledge among members;
  • Make their specific skills available to the Association and other members (except for industrial secrets);
  • To promote the activity and the positive image of the Association to the public, within the limits established by the Committee and by the internal regulations;
  • Comply with the regulations of the Association.

The Founding Members will pay a fee in the first year May 1 2020 – May 1 2021 of 10,000

CHF in Cash and 15,000 in kind to contribute to the costs:

  • Foundation and constitution 
  • Financing of first research/innovation calls
  • Year-end administration and review
  • Registered office and workspace
  • Creation of website and constant updating of the contents for a year
  • PR and media relations activities
  • Project management 
  • Active promotion of the association towards possible new members (meetings, events)
  • Secretariat


The first year of activity will be dedicated to complete the application process of the Competence Center:

  • Develop the first research projects
  • Define specifications and set up the research laboratory
  • Develop the first networking activities (events, start-up calls, meetups, etc.)
  • Involve 3-10 new members, particulary corporate members ( 1 per sector: 1 Design, 1 Fashion, 1 Food, 1 Travel, etc.)