LTCC Investments in Ticino - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

November 23, Caslano.

The Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center Association confirms its further investments in R&D in Ticino.


  • 18 months into its existence, the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center wraps the year with over 1 million Swiss Francs investments in Ticino and the confirmation of its members to scale their investments in the next 3 years.

  • The General Assembly approved the adhesion of 4 new hires dedicated to R&D projects, laboratory management, and Tech scouting.

  • By boosting the tech competencies tailored for the Lifestyle industries (Fashion, Food, Travel, Beauty, Design), LTCC is putting Ticino on the European map of leading innovation hubs.


At today’s press conference, The General Assembly and Board of Directors of the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center (LTCC) have committed to increase their investments in R&D projects, laboratory management, and Tech scouting for the next 3 years in Ticino. Plans that will be confirmed once the association will be approved as Switzerland Innovation Park – Ticino.

The announcement was made following the Association’s General Assembly, gathering senior leaders from the association’s member companies, including Accenture, Bally, Barilla, Dagorà, GUESS, Hyphen, Lavazza, Loomish, Microsoft, Moresi, UBS as well as the academic partners SUPSI and USI.

Christian Vitta, State Councillor and Director of the Department of Finance and Economy, believes that “the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center’s dynamism contributes to increase the Canton’s attractiveness and draws internationally renowned innovative companies. In addition, it encourages the development of new skills and promotes the collaboration between academic and research institutes, with positive results in terms of employment opportunities in our Canton and, in particular, for the young generations”.

R&D. Luxury brand Bally that hosted today’s press conference at their headquarters in Caslano, introduced its “Heritage and Innovation” project in collaboration with Hyphen, Microsoft, Moresi, and USI. On USI’s side, it includes the involvement of the students from the Master in Digital Fashion Communication in developing possible scenarios for digital exhibitions, and a common call for a new PhD Candidate, whose research will focus on the digitalization of a brand’s heritage and its related digital and phy-gital communication practices.

Fashion Players are increasingly seeing the importance of 3D design and prototyping. In Ticino, fashion brand GUESS is making significant R&D investments in 3D. Already hired the first fully dedicated person to develop the prototyping and the second hire is on its way.

TALENT & JOB CREATION. LTCC’s technology members showed their efforts regarding skilled talent and job creation. For example, Microsoft is working on the project called “Skills for Switzerland” focusing on job creation, local talents empowerment, training programs & certificates, future of learning with cantonal schools.

Also, our founding member Accenture is participating in field projects, training, and feasibility studies together with professors and students of USI & SUPSI.

TECH SCOUTING & START-UP COLLABORATION. LTCC member and coffee giant Lavazza, is participating and promoting LTCC open innovation project and launching the second edition of the Food Tech Start-Up Competition supported by Barilla, UBS and others.

Carlo Terreni, President of LTCC, “I am very pleased with the progress we have made in only 2 years since the founding of the Association. Furthermore, proud of all our members on how their innovation plans are improving and I am excited to see where the following investments will bring us. For sure more R&D, more Talent & Job Creation and more Tech Scouting & Startup Collaborations which will lead to a concrete impact on the economic development of Canton Ticino.” 




About Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center


The Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center is a Swiss-based association that wants to promote innovation and synergies between relevant partners in the lifestyle arena. It aims at promoting collaboration between companies and academic institutions, encouraging the transfer of technology and knowledge in fashion, food, media, health, design, travel, smart cities, eGovernance, and tech. The founding members of the LTCC include Accenture, Bally, Dagorà, Guess, Hyphen, Loomish, Microsoft, and Swiss Universities SUPSI and USI.

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