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Lifestyle Tech Competence Center announces new members and research and development projects

Lifestyle Tech Competence Center announces new members and research and development projects

Lifestyle Tech Competence Center (LTCC), part of Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino, announces two new association members, VF International and ASSOS of Switzerland, as well as the launch of R&D projects focusing on AI.


Lugano, 19 June 2023 – Lifestyle Tech Competence Center (LTCC), one of the three competence centers of the Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino, today announced important next steps in its continued growth.

During a press conference organized at Villa Heleneum on the lakeside promenade of Lake Lugano in Castagnola, provided by Bally Foundation and Bally, founding members of the association, LTCC shared the progress of its core activities and important future developments.

Firstly, the adherence of two new association members, both with an important presence in Ticino, was confirmed:

  • VF International – based in Stabio, Switzerland – is the EMEA Headquarters of VF Corporation, founded in 1899, one of the world’s largest lifestyle apparel and footwear company with a diverse portfolio of iconic outdoor, active, and workwear brands, including Vans®, The North Face®, Timberland® and Dickies®.
  • ASSOS of Switzerland, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Stabio, Switzerland, ASSOS of Switzerland produces the world’s most technologically advanced cycling apparel.

The two companies are joining a strong community of partners, already LTCC members, which include: Accenture, Antares Vision, Bally, Barilla, Dagorà, Guess, Hyphen, Lavazza, Loomish, Microsoft, Moresi, UBS and Swiss Universities SUPSI and USI.

“Becoming one of the members of the LTCC will allow us to strengthen the dialogue and collaboration with companies, institutions and academia in Ticino and Switzerland, and promote a culture of innovation and talent development, as well as supporting our digital transformation journey by sharing knowledge and creating synergies for the benefit of all members. We are convinced that this interaction and access to an extensive network of expertise will facilitate the development of cutting-edge solutions for various sectors, including fashion.” Fabrizia Greppi, Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Communications (EMEA), VF International, said “We are delighted to join the LTCC and are ready to actively contribute to its programme. To start with, the collaboration between VF and LTCC will focus on two projects dedicated to Generation Z and AI, and explore possible solutions to be applied within our company thanks to LTCC’s expertise.”

Edwin Navez, CEO of ASSOS of Switzerland, commented: “As a luxury apparel brand for cycling operating in Ticino for 50 years, we are proud to join the LTCC. Driven by the passion for our sport, we are dedicated to providing exclusive performance and quality products to our customers. The LTCC offers us the opportunity to enlarge that experience and to grow together with other members of the association whilst broadening our competencies in Lifestyle Technologies with the support of the LTCC team.”

Secondly, the association announced important new activities in the area of research and development.

It includes the launch of an important R&D project in the area of Artificial Intelligence: AI for digital content factory in fashion and luxury, done in partnership between IDSIA and a Swiss-based digital content leader Hyphen Digital, powered by Microsoft technologies. The project was presented by Emanuele Carpanzano, Director of Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer, SUPSI, and Alessio Saraceno, Chief Technology Officer, Hyphen-Group.

Carlo Terreni, the president of the LTCC commented: “We are extremely pleased with the growth of our Association, both in terms of the companies we have managed to actively engage so far, as well as in terms of the quality of innovation and research projects that we are able to drive. I use the occasion to wish a warm welcome to the new members, VF and ASSOS, and thank the existing ones for the exceptional collaboration in this joint effort so far. We have an exciting period lying ahead of us.”

Emanuele Carpanzano, Director of Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer at SUPSI commented about the newly-launched AI project within LTCC:“The project currently under development is an example of the fruitful collaboration between academia and industry within LTCC. It allows us to combine the expertise of the participating companies with that of the Information Systems and Networking Institute of the Department of Innovative Technologies at SUPSI, which is at the forefront of various digital technology fields, including virtual and augmented reality systems. Additionally, we benefit from the renowned Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Studies (USI-SUPSI), which contributes its expertise in vision systems and generative artificial intelligence specifically for this project.”

Luca Bolzani, President of Fondazione AGIRE, said: “The structure of the future Ticino Innovation Park envisions a mosaic of Competence Centers designed as private law associations, whose members consist of industrial companies operating in the same field of activity and academic institutions or research institutes present in Ticino. The LTCC fits perfectly within this framework and represents a fundamental pillar of it.”





Contact information

Ledia Malecaj – ledia.malecaj @ltcc.ch +41 76 387 08 49


About Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center:

The Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center is a Swiss association that aims to support innovative companies that carry out research and development activities in the Lifestyle-Tech arena, including FoodTech, FashionTech, Travel-tech, DesignTech, and Smart-living, among others. Specifically, the Association intends to foster collaboration between academic institutes and companies, encouraging the exchange of technology and knowledge. Accenture, ASSOS of Switzerland, Bally, Dagorà, Guess, Hyphen, Loomish, Microsoft, Moresi, VF and Swiss Universities SUPSI and USI are the founding members of the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center Association. Find out more at www.lifestyletechcompetencecenter.com