Inauguration of the New Hub Dedicated to Innovation in the LifestyleTech Sector in Lugano - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

The Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub has been inaugurated today in Lugano. It’s a new coworking space of over 1,700 square meters, marking a new chapter in the establishment of cutting-edge innovative activities in the city. The building, located at Via Peri 21, is intended to be a vibrant epicenter of creativity, research, and technological innovation.


The coworking space hosts over 15 companies active in the LifestyleTech sector which have chosen this new hub as their Ticino regional headquarters. Among these companies are notable members such as the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center (LTCC) association, part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino (SIP-TI-LTCC), and the multinational Accenture. This space represents the physical dimension of a dynamic ecosystem where the sharing of ideas and collaboration between companies, universities, and institutions translate into development and growth. A diverse audience,
including media representatives, institutions, the academic world, businesses, and local associations, attended the inauguration, confirming the strategic importance of this new innovation hub.

At the inauguration ceremony, Dagorà’s CEO Serse Bonvini has outlined the vision: “The new Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub in Lugano aims to be the first real estate project designed to provide a home for a community primarily made up of people, developed over the years, starting from Ticino and expanding nationally in the future. The response to the project has far exceeded expectations, with only a few offices still available. Across the hub’s six floors, we have created innovative offices and welcoming spaces for networking. The spaces will host over 200 managers in the heart of Lugano and attract 1,500 people in the first year from all over Europe through events, seminars, and workshops, with the highlight being the Lifestyle Innovation Day on April 22nd at LAC.”

Dagorà and SIP-TI-LTCC President Carlo Terreni added: “Over the last 8 years, we have worked with enthusiasm, effort, and determination, deciding to invest over 2 million Swiss francs to aggregate a community of entrepreneurs, managers, investors, and researchers determined to shape the future of the LifestyleTech sector in Europe. Immense support has been provided by the City of Lugano, the Canton, and Accenture, who have believed in creating an internationally significant center of excellence in Ticino since 2016, contributing resources, relationships, expertise, and know-how to the project. Today’s inauguration of the Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub in Lugano is a significant milestone in Dagorà’s growth, the result of constant commitment and the engaging passion of our team. The settlement of SIP-TI-LTCC on the fourth floor of the new complex will provide a fundamental contribution to collaborations between universities, institutions, and companies, raising the ambitions of innovation and research of the associated companies and those part of the Hub. The further growth and success of the initiative in the coming years will depend on our ability to network and team up with all strategic players in Ticino, Milan, Zurich, and Bern. Today’s celebrations, which fill us with gratitude and pride, will be an important accelerator in positioning Lugano and Ticino as a European hub for innovation in LifestyleTech.

The SIP-TI-LTCC association will occupy an entire floor of the coworking space, providing room for its team, research laboratories, and the growing number of academic and corporate members. Additionally, the association will benefit from all the services related to common spaces such as reception, meeting rooms, technological services, facilities, and event spaces. SIP-TI-LTCC Managing Director Jelena Tašić Pizzolato said: “In these spaces, specifically designed to foster growth and collaboration, we aspire to encourage synergy between researchers, academics, and companies. We hope that this environment will be fertile for the development of innovative projects and offer more companies access to our research laboratories.

SIP-TI-LTCC will benefit from these new spaces and services in central Lugano thanks to the essential contribution of the City of Lugano, which will participate in the rental costs of the spaces hosting the Competence Center and laboratories for the next five years. Mayor Michele Foletti has emphasized that the long-awaited opening of Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub represents “a further step in the strategy of diversifying the economic fabric towards innovative activities, benefiting the quality of employment opportunities and, in particular, the creation of qualified jobs for young people for Lugano. Furthermore, this consolidates Lugano’s position as an international hub in sectors such as LifestyleTech and as a center for digital innovation, which ahs been one of the goals of the 2018-2028 Development Lines. This is the result – he added – of a collaboration between the City and SIP-TI-LTCC that has begun in 2017 and has been supported by the Municipality, the City Council, and the Canton.

Christian Vitta, State Councilor and Director of the Department of Finance and Economy, has highlighted that “these new spaces well represent the networking of excellences in our territory and were created precisely with the goal of fostering collaborations between the business world and academia, thus creating a fertile environment for the development of innovative projects.” The State Councilor has also emphasized that “the inauguration of this building, especially with the establishment of the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center, is an important step forward in the development of the LifestyleTech sector in Ticino. A sector that, with a focus on talent growth, contributes to creating interesting and quality jobs for our young people.

One of the prominent companies at the Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub and a member of SIP-TI-LTCC is the multinational Accenture. Marco Huwiler, Country Manager of Accenture Switzerland, has commented: “Ticino is an important innovation hub, especially in the LifestyleTech sector. As a founding member of SIP-TI-LTCC, we have been supporting companies in developing innovative projects in Ticino since 2021. We are therefore very happy to be part of the economic context of Lugano and to actively contribute to the network in the future.






Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub
Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub revolutionizes the interaction between companies, promoting innovation through a vibrant community that encourages the sharing of ideas across various sectors. Dagorà is a collaborative space where brands, technology service providers, retailers, and manufacturers come together to create new business opportunities. Our mission is to stimulate creativity and provide entrepreneurs and C-level managers with the necessary knowledge to develop their companies. Among our main activities are events and workshops for networking, services for coworking areas for innovation, and knowledge sharing through our online platform. With activities throughout Switzerland and headquartered in Lugano, Dagorà leads the future of corporate collaboration and innovation.

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The Lifestyle Tech Competence Center (SIP-TI- LTCC), part of the Swiss Innovation Park, is a competence center for lifestyle technology based in Switzerland, acting as a hub for research and development. The primary goal of the LTCC is to promote innovation in industries related to lifestyle. Collaborating with corporate partners, research institutes, and academies, LTCC brings together world-class expertise to provide practical solutions to the fundamental challenges of brands and retailers in the lifestyle sector. Thanks to access to funds and co-financing for innovation, LTCC initiates extraordinary projects, actively contributing to the transformation of the industry. Among the members of SIPTI-LTCC are the City of Lugano, Dagorà, Guess, Hypen, Lavazza, Loomish, Microsoft,, SUPSI, UBS, USI, VF Corporation, Accenture, Antares Vision Group, Assos of Switzerland, Bally, and Barilla.

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