GUESS launches its fourth GUESS GEN Z LAB initiative, in partnership with the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center (LTCC).

GUESS and the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center announce the launch of the GUESS GEN Z LAB 4.0 insight workshop for 2nd year bachelor students, which will be held at the brand’s headquarters in Bioggio, Switzerland, on the 22nd-23rd May 2023.

As well as the participation of students from the French International Fashion Academy (IFA), the Manchester Fashion Institute (MFI), IED Madrid, SUPSI and USI in Switzerland, and the University of Padua, the 2023 GUESS GEN Z LAB will be welcoming students from the Shenkar College of Industrial Design, in Israel, further highlighting the growing international interest in the initiative.

The objective of the research platform is to strengthen the brand’s connection with Generation Z consumers through a process of direct engagement and exchange of ideas, while providing students with an extensive set of tools for working in the fashion marketing industry.

Also known as the iGeneration, or iGen for short, Generation Z is the first generation of true digital natives and the largest generation on the planet. In fact, with an estimated spending power of 44 billion dollars, they account for approximately 2.47 billion (32%) of the Earth’s inhabitants.

Following a similar format to the last three workshops, each team of students will be given a specific range of GUESS ORIGINALS clothing and will be tasked with creating a photoshoot, with the final feedback being used by the various teams to draft their own marketing plan. A well-rounded process where they will get to work with students from other countries, while learning about crucial aspects of the fashion business, including channel management, product ideation and development, promotional and pricing strategy, marketing and communication.

“The previous GEN Z LABS have really allowed us to get a better understanding of this digitally connected generation and get direct feedback to co-create products and services that have value and meaning for younger people”, states Paul Marciano, Chief Creative Officer for GUESS? Inc. “This year we’ve extended calls to other universities, and we will now be hosting 36 students from France, Italy, London, Spain, UK, and Israel. This will not only provide our teams with important generational insights but also multi-cultural insights into what young people really want and expect from an international fashion and lifestyle brand. I love discovering young talent and the ideas they bring to the table.”


End-to-end campaign research

GEN Z LAB is a place where GUESS marketing, sales and e-commerce managers can test ideas and get qualitative feedback directly from Gen Z participants on the brand’s campaigns, product

launches and initiatives. The Lab provides each university with step-by-step modules tailored to suit their university program, providing a vast array of research tools, including online surveys, design thinking workshops, focus groups, mystery shopping and e-commerce experiences. Over the 3-month course, students will also visit the brand’s headquarters in Switzerland for a 2-day design thinking workshop on the 22nd-23rd May, where they will be working with some of GUESS’s senior managers.


Carlo Terreni, the President of Lifestyle Tech Competence Center comments:

“We at Lifestyle Tech Competence Center are extremely proud to have successfully delivered the fourth edition of Guess GenZ Lab. During our intense collaboration with Guess on this project, we have seen GenZ lab grow from a local to a truly international project, involving now students from France, Israel, Italy, Spain, UK, alongside our Swiss representatives. The enthusiasm of universities and the openness of Guess to embrace fresh ideas has enabled us to create this unique initiative in the fashion industry.”  


Learning about the fashion industry from within

During the activities, students get hands-on experience of how the fashion industry works, including the analysis of real-life case studies, social media posts, message ideation and campaign messages. They also participate in ADV, photo shoots, app, e-commerce and in-store testing experiences, providing them with invaluable insights into how customer service processes and feedback management are implemented and work within the corporate world.

“Our experience at the Guess Gen Z lab has been truly incredible. Firstly, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with such an established and impactful brand like Guess. It was a unique chance to contribute to the brand’s understanding of how our generation thinks and approaches fashion, as well as our shopping habits, particularly when exploring online shopping sites. This collaboration also allowed us to have a significant influence on Guess’s future marketing plans throughout the duration of our studies. One of the most valuable aspects of the lab program was the acquisition of new skills. We were provided with the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle real-world challenges that we will undoubtedly face in our future careers as designers and creatives. The program also encouraged us to think critically and outside the box, igniting our minds and enabling us to develop innovative solutions. Additionally, working as a team and collaborating as a group of students allowed us to form a unified voice, which was an amazing exercise in itself. It made us feel like a meaningful part of something bigger than ourselves. Overall, the Guess Gen Z lab experience surpassed our expectations. It provided us with invaluable insights into the fashion industry and allowed us to make a tangible impact on the future of Guess. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute our perspectives and ideas, and we look forward to seeing how Guess incorporates our insights into their future endeavors.”  Ariel Berka, Bachelor in Fashion Design at University of Shenkar.

“Being part of the Guess Get Z Lab took me beyond the usual college classroom environment. It provided a more intimate look at the subjects I am studying, helped me meet new people, and created a fun, memorable experience. But it was more than just that: this opportunity also respected and encouraged my personal viewpoints, giving me a safe space to freely express my thoughts and, hopefully, make meaningful contributions.  I’m thrilled to see a company like Guess wanting to connect with us university students and actually valuing our opinions. Plus, it’s not just about the academic enrichment, but also a precious chance to get a glimpse into the professional world”   Leila Biazzo, Bachelor in Communications at University of Padua