Bally Scholarship for USI Summer School - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

Bally, founding member of the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center, is offering a scholarship for the Digital Fashion Summer School at the Istituto Svizzero, in Rome.  

The image of a nation is reflected in its creative industry and, in return, is produced and promoted by it. In this context, fashion plays a huge role, both for its connection between costumes, arts, and cultural heritage, as for its ability to act as an “ambassador” of a nation. The symbolic market of national image and reputation today is also – perhaps primarily – negotiated in the world of digital communication.

The Summer School 2021 aims to investigate the contribution and dynamics of digital communication in the building of a nation’s image, with specific reference to the creative fashion industry, and the qualification of sustainable “Made in” in this sector.

“Made in Italy”, for instance, is one of the most internationally recognized “Made In” brands, and the fame of Italian brands such as Fendi, Valentino, or Bulgari (all of which originated in Rome) represent the importance of the Italian creative industry in the world. The Summer School, in Rome, is ideally located for the appreciation and discussion of this heritage role, where participants will be able to experience first-hand with case studies and on-site visits.

Two of the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center’s founding members will be supporting this initiative. USI University professors Lorenzo Cantoni, Bertil Cottier, and Nadzeya Kalbaska, will be teaching part of the course, while the luxury fashion brand Bally will be offering three scholarships covering the full 700 Euro tuition of the program. Applicants interested in applying to it should specify this in the application letter so that their data can be shared with the company for the selection process.

Please click here to learn about the enrollment procedure and download the brochure.

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