Antares Vision joins LTCC - Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

Lugano, May 17th – 2022

The General Assembly and the Steering Committee approve:

  • the 2021 financial statements consolidating 1.6 million CHF of investments in research and development projects carried out in Ticino
  • entry among the Associates of Antares Vision Group who will collaborate with SUPSI and which plans to attract highly qualified resources and profiles in the AI ​​and ICT sector from the territory

– The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center Association – LTCC, founded on July 16th, 2020 in Lugano by the University of Italian Switzerland – USI, Professional University School of Italian Switzerland – SUPSI, Accenture, Barilla , Bally, Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub, Guess, Hyphen Group, Lavazza, Loomish, Microsoft,, UBS has created a European competence center in Lugano which will be active in technological innovation in the Fashion, Design and Furniture, Tourism and Food, benefiting from a strategic geographical position halfway between the financial and technological hubs of Zurich and the hub of creativity and style in Milan.

LTCC has been able to attract over 1.6 million CHF in funding in the first year, consolidate three-year research projects and pass the cantonal application to join Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino.

Research activities benefited from the professional and motivated work of selected experts at university research institutes, collaborators of LTCC partners and Ticino startups. To date, 10 people have been hired to deal with all organizational, research, coordination and service activities for the companies involved. 3D prototyping in the fashion industry, Artificial Intelligence applied to multi-channel e-commerce and innovation in the digital identity of the product were the main research areas developed in these first 18 months of activity.

Carlo Terreni, President and Board Member LTCC: “We are happy with the important goals achieved in the research activities, with the recruitment and investments attracted in the area. Thanks to the new investments confirmed by the board, today it will be possible to start new research and development projects in the areas of digital sustainability, on-life commerce, Metaverse and Crypto / NFT transaction in the sectors of Fashion, Furniture, Food and Cosmetics. ” The president, representing all the Associates, added; “We are pleased that Antares Vision Group has decided to join our Association, with a path that will also lead to the opening of an Innovation Center. The investments of Antares Vision Group will make it possible to start research projects with SUPSI and create new qualified jobs for our young people.

Emidio Zorzella Co-CEO and founder of Antares Vision Group: “Technological innovation is the main driver of growth and development of our business, for the digitization of products and supply chains. Today we join the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center, the goal of developing innovation: Antares Vision Group, in collaboration with SUPSI, and within the LTCC, will develop a complete traceability project, from the origin to the final consumer, for the transparency of the supply chain. We will select the supply chain considering the sensitivity and emerging needs of the market. We are beginning with a project and with a dedicated space at the Dagorà Lifesytle Innovation Hub, precisely to attract highly qualified professionals in the AI ​​and ICT sector within the territory.

Stefano Rizzi, Director of the Division of economy, Department of finance and economy of the Canton of Ticino:

“Innovation is one of the three pillars of Canton Ticino’s economic development strategy, together with support for entrepreneurship and the promotion of collaboration between universities, companies and institutions. Thanks to this strategy, Ticino has created the ideal conditions for an ecosystem favorable to the development of innovative activities. This approach has led Ticino to become a nationally and internationally recognized pole of innovation and research. In fact, according to a recent study by the European Commission, the Canton of Ticino is one of the “innovation leaders”, ranking in the top ten of innovation systems in Europe and occupying the second place (after Zurich) in the national ranking. Thanks to its pragmatism and the ability to bring together high-level companies with our academic institutes, the LifestyleTech Competence Center fits perfectly into this context, becoming an increasingly solid and attractive reality for international companies. I am therefore delighted that it has recently passed the last cantonal examination phase and thus proved to be an ideal candidate to be part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino”.

Filippo Lombardi, Lugano city Councilor: “As the person in charge of the Lugano Municipality for the LTCC project, I am very pleased with the progress that emerged during today’s extraordinary assembly. Congratulations on the first recognition as Competence center of Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino, a process that the city is following very carefully and which it will actively support in the most appropriate ways. And, again, welcome to the new partner Antares Vision Group, I’m sure it will fit very well in Lugano, playing an active role in the innovation pole being created around Dagorà, contributing to its growth and helping it to develop further.”