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Accenture unveils ambitious plan for hiring in Ticino

Accenture, the world’s leading consulting company, has announced a strong hiring strategy for the Ticino region for the next 18 months: over 100 professionals by the end of 2022.

Currently, the consultancy giant is present in Switzerland in several major cities, with an office in Ticino since January 2019. The company is a founding member of the LifestyleTech Competence Center.

Building on consolidated partnerships in Ticino, already established key client relationships, as well as the local employee base that in the last trimestre grew at an average rate of 10 new employees a month, Accenture has the ambition to scale even faster.

The hiring plan has also the objective of helping reposition Ticino as a desirable employment location for highly skilled workforce. All current employees are residents in the region. Moreover, with the support of its recruitment and engagement partners, Accenture wants to attract back senior professionals from all over the Europe who have Ticino origins.

Giovanna Melillo, in charge of Accenture’s hiring program in Ticino, said: “Many of Ticino’s senior talents are all over Europe and we want them to come back.”