About Us

The Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center

The LifeStyle-Tech Competence Center aims to support companies to perform R&D projects, find academic partners and access public funding or fiscal benefits, while connecting creativity, consumer trends, technologies and entrepreneurs that are driving the transformation of the Lifestyle Industry.

Together towards Innovation

The Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center pursues a non-profit aim, within the framework of the Innovation Park Ticino, of promoting and supporting innovative companies that carry out research and development in the lifestyle sector. The scope is to improve competitiveness, with a positive impact on society in terms of economics, qualified jobs and life quality.

The Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center aims to promote synergies between relevant partners and work towards the creation of a center dedicated to the Lifestyle industry, helping the organic growth of the community at a Swiss and international level. In particular, the center helps promote collaboration between companies and academic institutions, encouraging the transfer of technology and knowledge.

The industries the Center focuses on are: Food, Fashion, Travel, Media, Health, Design, Smart-cities, eGovernance and Technology.

Drive Innovation
Foster the relationship between Universities/R&D institutes and corporations to perform technology transfer projects based on proven existing capabilities in Lifestyle-Tech.


Access to Technology
Create ad-hoc Lifestyle-Tech labs to facilitate R&D projects and stimulate the on-boarding of international companies interested in sharing the facilities.


Network for Greatness
Stimulate open innovation with ad-hoc scale-up scouting and calls to innovation while encouraging cross-fertilisation of ideas and solutions among diverse industries.


Board Members

Founding members

  • Serse Bonvini, Ceo – Dagorà Innovation Hub
  • Ugo Boveri, VP Finance – Guess
  • Luca Callegari, Senior Director Enterprise Solution – Microsoft Italy
  • Emanuele Carpanzano, Director of Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer at SUPSI
  • Boas Erez, President – Università della Svizzera Italiana
  • Franco Gervasoni, General Director – SUPSI
  • Nicolas Girotto, Ceo – Bally
  • Marco Huwiler, Country Manager – Accenture
  • Marianne Janik, Country Manager – Microsoft Switzerland, Germany
  • Alberto Petruzzella, President – SUPSI
  • Michele Raballo, Digital Commerce Managing Director – Accenture
  • Stefano Righetti, Ceo – Hyphen
  • Carlo Terreni, Ceo – Loomish Investment Management


  • Performing successful R&D projects among companies, Swiss universities and investors
    – We aim to facilitate technology- and knowledge-sharing among members, and in particular between academic institutions and companies;
    – We aim to facilitate access to talents, laboratories and public investments for corporations;
    – We aim to facilitate university spin-offs.
  • On-boarding innovative companies into our ecosystem
    – Create attractive conditions for research groups and start-ups as catalysts for the localization of established companies.
    – Accelerate the innovation processes through the removal of bureaucratic and infrastructural barriers.
  • Boosting LTCC expertise
    – Creation of specific competencies, through adequate personnel and infrastructure.
    – Accelerate the development of research results in marketable solutions.
  • Access to funding
    – Improve attractiveness of public and private fundings.
    – Attract national and international investors.  
  • Serving our members
    – Facilitate the admission of new members, in particular by attracting new local and international companies.
    – Management of locations, infrastructures and personnel of the CC.
    – Providing recommendations to Dagorà Sa on the development of future locations: offices, laboratory spaces, education areas, networking and co-working areas.
    – Enhance networking opportunities for the members.  
  • Putting Ticino on the global innovation map
    – Promotion of the LTCC at a Swiss and international level (within the limits granted by the Switzerland Innovation Park).
    – Transforming Ticino in the Lifestyle-Tech Hub of Europe